Doctor Strange Official Trailer

While DC sought redemption, Marvel simply kept the ball rolling with the first official trailer for Doctor Strange. When famed neurosurgeon, Steven Strange, is in a terrible car accident, he seeks alternative means of medicine across the world. His journey takes him to the hall of the Ancient One, a powerful sorceress who instructs Strange in the mystic arts. Little does Strange know, his powers will be put to the test to stop a former ally gone rogue.

Our new trailer of Doctor Strange takes a similar approach to the first one with showing more of Strange’s journey to wizardry. I will say this trailer really pushed the sheer visual ridiculousness of the film to a whole new level. Inception’s got nothing on this dreamscape! Folding cities for dayz!

Anyway, besides Doctor Strange learning magic, we were given new glimpses at Wong, one of Strange’s closest allies, played by Benidict Wong, and more of Mordo played by Chiwetel Ejiofor. Both characters seem to take on more of an instructor’s role with Strange, as opposed to their previous comic book incarnations. Also, Rachel Mcadam’s character, Christine Palmer, gets a few more brief glimpses. Again my guess is she’llĀ either a fellow doctor or nurse working with Strange before he got awesome.

Most likely the most important character to take away from all this is Mads Milkensen’sĀ Kaecilius, out film’s villain. While in the first trailer we were given vague glimpses, here Kaecilius is actively destroying realities and turning New York into his own private kaleidoscope. This was also matched with action shots of Strange and company fighting back through spectacular morphing visuals.

So while I would argue the first trailer for Doctor Strange was stronger, this trailer definitely adds to the foundation with more story elements. I look forward to seeing where Marvel goes tackling the super natural in this movie. Either way Doctor Strange looks like it’ll be a fun ride. Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4, 2016.


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