Justice League Sizzle Reel Tease!

The follow up to Batman V Superman, DC brings its own team of legendary icons to the big screen. With Superman dead, Batman seeks redemption by forming a league of heroes to protect the earth from an unknown threat. Joining him in his cause is Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and  Aquaman. Together they hope to stop an invasion of otherworldly foes through mysterious technology known as Mother Boxes!

With the wounds and disappointment of BvS still fresh, Warner Bros. has rolled out the big guns with the hope of redeeming itself. Not only are we given a Wonder Woman teaser, (which was great and should check it out in our blog), but we’re given a taste of this so called upbeat and friendlier Justice League. This Justice League sizzle reel was chocked full of witty banter and quips from our heroes, an attempt by Warner Bros. to paint a more optimistic picture.  And while it was nice to see our heroes joining together, the trailer did seem to beat you over the head with it’s change in tone.

Despite and overzelous need to lighten the mood, we are given some cool bits of our classic DC patheon. First up we open with Batman seeking Aquaman, played by Jason Moamoa. Moamoa’s Aquaman looks impressive and imposing. While we don’t see him in costume we are given glimpses of him tossing Bruce Wayne around like a rag doll in a shanty dock bar, downing a bottle of Jack Daniels with machismo ease, and taking waves to the face. Something that tickled me a little was the fact that Aquaman comes during the winter and gives people fish, like an aquatic buff Santa! But I digress.

With the Flash, played by Ezra Miller, we get another cute interaction with Batman recruiting him. Miller’s Flash seems much more awkward and reserved compared to Grant Gustin’s CW Flash. His home is more punk rock, a common theme in this DC’s universe. Still Barry’s genius is hinted at with technology and books littering the dreary studio apartment. Also did anyone else notice him watching Rick and Morty in the background? Awesome! His costume is much bulkier too that previous incarnations of the suit. More armored protective gear, than rubber heat resistant suit. A nice distinction, but one I’ll need to see more of before judging completely.

Wonder Woman and Cyborg took more of a back seat during the reel, with more emphasis on The Flash and Aquaman. What glimpses we do get are more action shots and poses more than anything. Cyborg shares a brief scene with Batman, but that’s about it. We also aren’t given any details of the villain, Steppen Wolf. On an interesting note though, we do see medieval knights burying a mother box, a piece of technology from the planet Apocalypse, ruled by famed DC villain, Darkseid. Everyting else is just brief hero shots. This I’m sure will be the root of the Justice League’s problem in the film.

I think it’s safe to say that DC is more or less working to get on the right track. Though it may once again be trying too hard to correct itself. Also what’s with that hot topic logo? This again may have more to do with Zack Snyder’s directing and less with the creative powers that be. What gives me hope is that Ben Affleck, along with comic book writer extraordinaire, Geoff Johns, are taking over as helmers for the DCCU. But like Batman, this film and those behind it are seeking redemption for a poor opening act, and much will ride upon for the universe to be a success. Either way I’ll hold out until I see more.  Justice League hits theaters November 27, 2017.



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