King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Teaser

From the director behind Sherlock Holmes, comes a new take on the classic fairy tale. In this story, Arthur has been living on the streets most of his life, unaware of his royal heritage. That is until he pulls the sword, excalibur, from the stone. Now hunted by a tyrannical wizard king, Arthur must join the resistance, and rise to his family name, to become the king he was born to be.

I’m a big fan of Guy Ritchie’s. Whether it’s Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, or Sherlock Holmes, the man has a great visual style. It’ll be interesting to see how he tackles the world of medieval fantasy. Much of his visual style can been seen through the trailer, the motion tracking shots, and kinetic transitions, but with it we’re also bombarded with lots of fantasy elements. My biggest concern is that those elements will be too grandiose and over the top. I must admit when the war elephant showed up is where I started to wane on enthusiasm. Part of my love for Ritchie comes from his gritty action elements. Of course I’m sure we’ll get that in this movie, I just don’t want another World of Warcraft mishap.

Despite this, I’ve been tracking the movie a while, and think it will be a nice shake up to the usual swords and fantasy film. I think Charlie Hunnam will do a great job in as the lead, and I’ve enjoyed him in Sons of Anarchy and Pacific Rim. What also has me intrigued is Jude Law as a villain. I haven’t really seen him play the villain role much, so seeing where evil Jude Law goes will be fun. As for the rest of the cast we aren’t given much. There are a few glimpses of Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey as Guinevere, and that’s about it.

I think this is a nice tease, to a hopefully bigger adventure. Finger crossed Guy Ritchie doesn’t succumb to gratuitous CGI spectacle. If he can maintain his grounded gritty action roots, I think we will have an entertaining take on the Arthurian legend. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword hits theaters March 24, 2017



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