Wonder Woman Teaser Trailer!

Following a dynamite comic-con panel, Warner Bros. released the trailer for the much anticipated Wonder Woman film. Set 100 years prior to the events of Man of Steel and Bvs, a young amazonian princesses, Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, dreams of the world beyond her island home. When an American pilot, Steve Trevor washes up on shore, and tells Diana of World War I.  Possibly fearing the war of man spilling onto her home,Diana ventures out into the world with the hopes of stopping WWI.

Wow. What a great trailer. I’d never been a super fan of Wonder Woman, but this definitely caught my attention in a big way. Wonder Woman was one of the best parts of BvS, and I’m happy to see her getting to go all out for her movie.  I liked that we were given the bare minimum of the story. For the most part you have to put the clues together. I would actually prefer if this was the only trailer we got. It was so perfect in all that it showed. I don’t even care who the villain is and would love to be surprised. Though I have a feeling it will Hades more than likely.

I love the setting of WWI. I feel it is a war film rarely touches upon cinematically. At least in terms of epic scale. The action looked pretty cool and I loved how OP Wonder Woman was compared everyone else. Gal Gadot appears both graceful and powerful in her presence. In the beginning I was unsure of her for the role, due to how lean she was, but color me impressed. My only complaint about the action is the random slow motion. An aesthetic left over from Snyder’s style I would assume.  At least it wasn’t all doom and gloom, like our previous films, with much needed humor from Chris Pine and Lucy Davis.

Suffice to say, a great tease. I’m starting to feel a little more confident in the DCCU. If the film can deliver, and the rest of the universe follow suit, perhaps there can be redemption yet. Check out Wonder Woman June 2, 2017






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