Ultcast EP.040: “Now You’re Big and Dumb”

Pokémon Go caught a lawsuit. Private property owners are looking to capitalize on Go’s success since their homes/establishments were unknowingly made Pokéstops. No Man’s Sky leak copies show dark clouds are ahead for the high anticipated game. Also, do you love Han Solo? Well prepare for nine hours worth because the solo Solo films will be a trilogy. And finally we ask, “Why Warner Bros.? Why can’t you give us a good film cinematic universe that doesn’t fall short? Perhaps not rush things into production in attempts to keep pace with Marvel?” These are some of the questions we ask ourselves when reading early rotten tomatoes reviews for Suicide Squad.  A lot of hopes were hanging on the villainous rogues lifting our spirits after Batman v. Superman Dong of Justice sent us to down a depressing spiral. All this and more on this week’s podcast.

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Music by Mike Sheffer



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