Ultcast EP.041: “Not No Momoa”

There’s a lot to discuss on this week’s UltCast. The news only gets worst for Battleborn as numbers roll in and it’s considered a financial failure. Signs point towards a Sony conference on September 7th were they might unveil their code name Playstation Neo (aka Playstation 4K, aka Playstation 4.5) and a possible new Playstation vita. Let’s not forget Marvel’s highly anticipated Netflix Luke Cage show receives a new trailer as well as the abysmal sixth installment for the RE film franchise, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Final Chapter? One can only hope…  Brad Pit is also in talks with old buddy and Fight Club director David Fincher to potentially helm the sequel to World War Z.  And because it’s another week that we can’t go without DC film news, Aquaman get’s his antagonist and Man of Steel 2 is announced. Tune to see what else Mike @Roninphan, Kristina @Misfitgurl66 and JD @S3Prototype discuss on this week’s UltCast.

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Music by Mike Sheffer



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