Arrival Trailer

From director Denis Villeneuve, Sicario,  and based on the award winning short story “Story of Your Life“, comes a new take on the idea of first contact. When Dr. Louise Banks, is pulled from her home late one night, she has no idea it’s to establish contact with an Alien ship. With the whole world on the brink of collapse, and leaders torn on what to do, it’s up to Banks and her team to solve the puzzle of communication, and learn their true purpose.

One of those movies I feel that slip under your radar but shouldn’t, Arrival strikes me as a love letter to classic sci-fi tales like The Day The Earth Stood Still or Close Encounters of the Third Kind. You all know me as a big proponent of sci-fi films, given much of our coverage is super heroes, and blockbuster epics, but I also try to keep an eye for those hopeful hidden gems.

Back to the trailer. Similar to its teaser, this trailer offers only just a little more context. Of course for most of these kinds of movies you don’t require much. In a nutshell, aliens arrive, no one knows what to do, global panic.

So what makes this movie different you say? Like Close Encounters, there’s an emphasis on communication that appeals to me. Here however the aliens use floating ink as opposed to music, with the emphasis on circles. Again you might be asking, “But SenapiPyndus, what does this have to do with anything?” Well it’s the emphasis on circles, that interests me.  It’s all circles actually. Circles that bare a striking resemblance to the the aikido and martial arts symbol for infinity, peace, and balance. Whether this is intentional or not, it’s a cool connection, and I’d like to see how it plays out in the movie.

The rest of the trailer features the usual alien banter and confusion; Do we nuke them before they nuke us? There are some great shots though that spice up the trailer; like the clouds rolling down the mountain at the reveal of the UFO or alien tentacle putting it’s hand on the class to meet Banks. Visually I think this movie will be gorgeous, but whether it’s story can hold up against a hefty foundation of other alien films is something else entirely. But so far, previews present and intriguing new take on a familiar premise. Arrival hits theaters November 11, 2016.

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