Character Select Episode 03: Uncharted!

So probably my favorite video game franchise, Uncharted is an homage to the pulp adventure genre along with big hollywood adventure films. Staring protagonist, Nathan Drake, Drake is a black market antiquities dealer with a heart of gold, scouring the world for lost treasures though to be myth. Sure enough each adventure gets more and more out of hand with awesome set pieces, intriguing stories, radical dames, villainous villains, and humorous dialogue.

With Five games, a comic series, book adaptation, and other merchandise, Uncharted and Nathan Drake have become the poster boys for Sony Playstation. As such, Sony has been trying to get a movie up and running for while now, with people directors like David O. Russell. Recent reports have now stated that Joe Carnahan, The Grey, will draft the latest script. So with that in mind, I cast my dream actors for the Uncharted movie!

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