Get Out Trailer

From comedy genius Jordan Peele comes a new tale of terror? We’ve all seen the tale of a young black man, Chris, who is going to meet his white girlfriend’s parents for the first time. To his surprise, Rose’s parents are accepting to their daughters new companion. One might say even say overly so.  Chris can’t quite put his finger on it, but he know below the surface of hugs and smiles lies something sinister.  His suspensions are confirmed when he meets another African-American man at the neighborhood block party. After a brief introduction, the residential black man starts to wig out and blurts “GET OUT!” It becomes clear through the rest of the trailer the local black population is under control through some sort of twisted hypnosis and Chris must now find a means of escape or be doomed to share the same fate.

I think this is gold! A horror movie about a black guy trying to escape a controlling and evil white community. Brilliant and topical! But let’s dig a little deeper into the meat of things.

Jordan Peele is no stranger to horror genre, having done several skits in his hit show Key and Peele. In Get Out, he continues to adapt and advance his story telling craft. Despite the obvious dark humor (no pun intended) and satire, there is a genuine eeriness  to this trailer. I love how plain and well lit everything is while yet at the same time slight off kilter. I think the use of horror editing, tension, hypnosis and hallucinations was well executed in this first trail. I imagine the film will be a treat for all horror movie and comedy enthusiast. But will there be a balance of the two or will it quickly devolve into cheap jump scares? More than anything my main concern is if the movie’s metaphors could be delivered  too over the top and clichéd. There is a clear need to address the social division and racial conflict within this country. Get Out may offer a unique point of view that could spark discussion. If Peele can avoid the same tropes and clichés  from both sides of the spectrum while still delivering a terrifying experience, he could strike gold.  Check out Get Out February 24th, 2017.

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