Power Rangers Teaser Trailer

After missing San Diego Comic Con, the Power Rangers finally make their big trailer debut at NYCC 2016. When five ordinary teenagers stumble upon alien artifacts, they are imbued with awesome powers. Now they must use their new found gifts to battle forces the Earth has never before encountered. With no time left, the troubled teens must band together and become the Power Rangers!

Directed by Dan Isrealite, (Project: Almanac), Power Rangers once again sees a group of teenagers with attitude facing off against the villainous space witch, Rita Repulsa. This time with a few modern, ‘hip’,  updates. Taking notes from The Breakfast Club, and Chronicle, it’s clear that these kids might actually have more attitude than our original 90s protagonists.

So what worked for me? I’m to see the studio going back to the original story line. Sure Angel Grove looks like it’s in colorado now, and our kids have more issues, but it’s all part of the notalgic rebooting process. Actually, the fact that our new rangers  all come from some form of troubled background is a nice change of pace from the old school cookie cutter heroes. Hopefully this will allow for  some character development too.  It was also cool to see the power coins, and other little nods, such as our heroes color coordination: Red Ranger’s red plaid shirt, Yellow’s beanie, Pink’s Shirt, and Blue and Black’s jackets.  I’m also excited to hear composer Bryan Tyler’s rendition of the original Power Ranger’s theme, teased at the opening and closing of the trailer.

So what didn’t work for me. They gave away the first act of the movie in the entire teaser.  I get that they were trying to build intrigue about the rangers, but I really see no point in sitting through the first thirty minutes of the movie now that it’s been summarized in two minutes and thirty second.  We saw how they get their powers, what their new powers do,  intro the villain, and get brief glimpses of them about to transform. It was both too much and too little! And what’s with the poor martial arts dude on a train?Instead, I think they should have spread out the story more: Show the rangers in full suit, tease a couple action sequence, and show more rita!  Currently,  feels more like a teen adaptation than Power Rangers movie.

The other thing that bothered me was the fact that they already had powers before transforming. I understand that it’s a way to visually tease their changing, but they seemed way too over powered already. They can already leap crazy far, have super strength, and melt stuff with their power coins. At this point why have suits?

All critiquing aside, the trailer wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  My nostalgic optimism is still in the green, and if the next trailer doesn’t give away act two, I’ll be satisfied. If anything, I think Power Rangers will be a fun movie. Not necessarily a good movie, but a fun movie fans across the boards can either hate mutually and enjoy together. Hopefully the trailers improve over time.  Check out Power Rangers March 24, 2016.

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