Rogue One Story Trailer 2

So, another Rogue One trailer emerges. While past trailers have focused on the members of the group and 0n set pieces, this trailer leans heavily on exposition. So, what’s new? Well, we now know that Madds Milkenson is paying Galen Erso, father to our hero Jyn (Felicity Jones). Apparently, Galen is a key component in making the new super weapon, the Death Star, work. We also learn that the primary focus of the squad’s mission is to find Galen, and debrief him on how to stop it. In another nice reveal, we learn that Rogue One is in fact, the call sign for our heroes. The rest of the trailer reveals more epic space backdrops, including what appears to be a giant, fallen statue of a Jedi Knight.

The second trailer for Rogue One is cool, but reveals a little too much in my opinion. The reveal about Galen, and the purpose of the mission feels like a spoiler. They should have kept the father-plot-point hidden, as it makes for a nice twist, especially given the fact that the majority of us know the ending to this story. Still, the trailer helps alleviate some trepidations I have over the movie itself. There has been much scuttlebutt and rumor about the film’s production problems, the more recent being Alexandre Desplat’s removal as the film’s composer due to scheduling conflicts. It’s nice to see that the film is still coming together. I hope the movie can maintain interest in the coming months. How do you guys feel about it? Check out Rogue One on Dec. 16, 2016.

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