Logan Teaser

In this melancholy teaser, Wolverine returns one last time as Logan. With the X-men gone, and Xavier succumbing to Alzheimer’s, Logan has retreated from society all together, taking Xavier with him. But old habits die hard, when a mysterious girl comes to Logan and Xavier for help trying to escape the nefarious Nathaniel Essex and his mutant hunters known as the Reavers!  To make matters more dire, Logan’s healing factor is slowly wearing down as well. Tired, out of time, and out of hope, Logan must muster all his strength for one last battle to save the mysterious girl, and maybe the rest of mutant kind.

What a great teaser! I think this is my favorite of the X-men trailers thus far. While it’s tonally different from the others we’ve seen, I think it fits for the character of Logan and the culmination of his journey. Plus the haunting addition of “Hurt,” by Johnny Cash really brought that added punch of emotional draw.

So let’s dig into the trailer. What did I like? Aside from the tone, I think Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart look great in their roles as aging heroes. Jackman’s look bares resemblance to the comics enough to where I think fans should be satisfied. Missing from the trailer however were large set pieces, and more grandiose action moments. That didn’t bother me as much, as I’m sure A). we’ll get our set pieces later in, and B). this was a teaser after all, so it’s important to nail the tone you’re trying to convey. Besides, I hate it when they give away too much of the action so early on.

Continuing with our theme of missing things, also absent  in the trailer was the presence of the weapon x-villains, and even Mr. Sinister himself. We did get nice teases of Caliban, a mutant who can sense the presence of other mutants and manipulate emotions as weapons. Supposedly he’ll be helping Logan take care Xavier according to The Wrap. Also revealed were the Reavers, the security task force under Mr. Sinister,  and their leader Donald Pierce played by Boyd Holbrook.  Of course the bigger showcase was X-23, our mysterious girl. It will be fun to see whether or not her story will unfold similar to the comics or not in this film. My guess right now is that it will.

I really can’t think of anything right now to complain about. The teaser was solid, and introduced an a new tone to the X-men series. Hopefully this will be the strongest X-men movie yet, and a fitting conclusion to Wolverine’s saga.  Logan hits theaters March 3, 2017.


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