Wonder Woman Trailer 2

While much of the DCCU remains up in the air with recent director drops, and fandom concerns, there’s one movie that still seems to be going strong, Wonder Woman! In her latest trailer, the amazonian princess doles more harshness on Germans–while revealing more plot details. Jam packed with more action sequences, we get a good feel of just how graceful and powerful Diana Prince really is. Plus, the film looks downright gorgeous.

In an unsuspecting turn, our trailer opens in modern day times with Wonder Woman heading to the Louvre to find the original picture of her from WWI, (See BvS) From her narration, I think it’s safe to assume she’s looking for a reason to pick up the sword to defend mankind once more.  From there, we flashback to Themyscira where a younger Wonder Woman saves Steve Trevor from a plane crash, only to be attacked by a massive German search party. That’s where our story launches off, with Diana going with Steve to stop WWI and the period’s equivalents of WMDs.

Speaking of WMDs, we also get more insight into our villains, Danny Huston and Elena Anaya. While it appears Huston is playing a German general, twenty bucks says he’s actually Hades in disguise. As for Elena Anaya, I’m not too sure who she’s playing, but she’s clearly in league with our maniacal Huston.  Together they appear to be manufacturing the usual doomsday weapons to the turn the war in their favor.

All in all, another great trailer! True, I may not have much faith these days in the DCCU, but Wonder Woman could be the tipping point into positivity for the would-be universe. I only hope the film can hold up as we continue to move closer and closer to release. Check out Wonder Woman June 2, 2017!

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