The Last of Us, Part II Trailer

Sony closed out their third annual Playstation Experience with one hell of a reveal trailer for The Last of Us, Part II, the sequel to 2013’s critically acclaimed, The Last of Us. While there had been rumors for a couple of years now about the existence of a sequel and whether or not we’d return to see Joel and Ellie, there wasn’t anything really set in stone…until today.

Now, while I won’t talk about major elements of the original game’s story, it’s safe to say that for those of you who haven’t played the original, that our protagonists, Joel and Ellie, survived. This leaves us to speculate about just what their return means for the story of this game. Just the fact that they’re returning is more surprising than anything.

I won’t lie, I was perfectly fine with The Last of Us being a standalone story, so when rumors of a sequel were swirling around, my thought was that Naughty Dog would take the World War Z (the book) approach and would have The Last of Us be a franchise comprised of standalone stories with different protagonists. I thought that, too, would be fine, so I’m interested to what more of Joel and Ellie’s story Naughty Dog has to tell.

Even though I was a little hesitant upon seeing that they’re bringing Joel and Ellie back for another game, I trust Naughty Dog when it comes to story telling and characterization. And hearing that Ellie is the protagonist of The Last of Us, Part II is the logical move. I’m interested to see where her character has gone in the time between games.

The Last of Us, Part II is set to release for PS4/PS4 Pro…eventually.

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