Spider-Man: Homecoming Teaser Trailer

Teased in Marvel’s Civil War, Spider-man makes his solo film debut! Peter Parker, aka Spider-man, dreams of being a big time super hero; the problem is finding a balance between high school angst and trying to be an Avenger. To make matters worse, there’s a new big bad terrorizing New York City, the Vulture! Can Peter rise to the occasion, beat the bad guy, save the day, and get a date for homecoming?

Wow! Marvel keeps rolling out it’s A-game with these trailers. Spider-man: Homecoming seems like a perfect match of teen comedy meets super hero action. The music, dialogue, action, tone, all spot on for Spider-man. So let’s dig in.

As mentioned the tone seems perfect. I liked how the trailer captured that teenage angst feel. It felt very John Hughes to me; a goal that was aimed for by director Jon Watts. The line about Peter and his friend Ned being losers was hilarious. I also enjoyed the awkward hug exchange between him and Tony Stark. When the action did kick off, Spider-man was witty and agile.  He delivered punches lines and punches in one fell swoop. Speaking of swoops, let’s talk about some of the big reveals of the trailer.

First big reveal was obviously the web wings; a nice homage to1970s Spider-man artist Steve Ditko. How much they’ll be utilized in the movie though, is up in the air. I would guess they’re part of the finale. Also seen in the trailer was Peter’s original homemade costume. Hinted at in the Civil War, it seems like Peter will don it once more. More than likely he’ll lose his nicer costume, prompting the upgrade later.

The second big reveal is seeing the Vulture. His appearance is less emaciated old man, and more terrifying bomber pilot. This new design for Vulture looks great! I love the massive wings, the bomber jacket, and flight helmet. There are obvious nods to the old suit in the green pants and platting on the wings, even the fur on the jacket. We also see Michael Keaton outside of the suit delivering a pretty ominous message we assume to Peter. While it’s unclear what his intentions are, it’s safe to say it has something to do with that laser cannon seen throughout the trailer. Rumor has it, it’s reversed engineered chitari technology from the first film. So far it seems Vulture is using it to rob anything and everything he wants.

In conclusion, Spider-Man: Homecoming looks like a nice bit of redemption for the web head. If this trailer’s tone matches the rest of the movie, we’re in good hands. Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters July 7, 2016.


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