Ghost in the Shell Trailer 2

Following its sweet superbowl spot, Ghost in the Shell released its latest trailer!

In the future, man and machine have finally fused to become one. Though the most advanced fusion comes in the form of Major, (Scarlet Johanson), a counter cyber terrorist specialist. Built to be the perfect solider, she’s unmatched in the field. That is, until a new threat seeks to destroy the very company that built her, and reveal to her the past that’s been kept from her.

Once again, Rupert Sanders continues to surprise me with how gorgeous this film looks. It also tickles me to see how true to source the film appears to be. My only real concern is whether it might be too close to source, but more on that later.

In this trailer we get more concrete details on our plot. Major and the rest of her agents of Section 9 are looking for an invisible enemy. Speculation has been that this is the Puppet Master, the original anime’s villain. Judging by the shot for shot recreations from the anime in the trailer, I think it’s a pretty safe bet.

Anyway, our cyber villain seems to reveal that Major isn’t the first of her kind. The company that built her, Hanka, may have a dark history, one they’re trying to hide. Of course, this leads Major to go rogue to find out the truth, and stop this new threat.

Besides some great new story details, the trailer showed off even more action bits. The best of these was the reveal of the spider-tank from the original. This brings me to my main concern: Is this going to be a straight remake?

I loved the original Ghost in the Shell. The cyber punk, action thriller was crisp, thought-provoking, and sexy. So far, this trailer seems to capture it almost verbatim. It feels too much like the original at times. I’d prefer the film not to be a straight rehash of the anime. I’d like for the writers and the director to put their own stamps on the story, without it being exactly the same as the original.  Of course, maybe I’m looking too deep into this, and the film will just be a badass sci-fi action film.

What do you guys think? Are you worried about the film being a direct rehash of the original? Sound off below.



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