The Void Trailer

The grotesque, and widely adored, horror film, The Void, finally releases a public trailer! Though viewers beware, you’re in for a scare.

When a small town cop finds a gravely injured man on the roadside, he quickly takes him to the nearest hospital. There, the officer, and medical staff, soon find themselves trapped inside by a strange cult, and monster from beyond the cosmos! Desperate to escape and find answers, their only choice is to dig deeper into the bowels  of the hospital, and maybe hell itself.

Wow! Talk about epic practical effect horror! Like the trailer stated, this film screams John Carpenter’s The Thing.  Not only that, there’s a strong Lovecraftian tie in here, with themes of cosmic monsters and fanatical cults. To make a long story short — I LOVE IT!

I’m so excited by this film. It looks and feels so authentic and fresh. I’ve noticed in recent years, that indie horror movies have had somewhat of a renaissance. First with films like It Follows, then The Witch, Lights Out, and more.  So it’s good to be a horror fan right now. But let’s get cracking on our trailer.

So our trailer begins with an ominous narration and a glimpse at cult’s insignia, the black pyramid. From there, our narration is drawn out to images of tentacle monsters bursting out of people, and triangle faced klansmen surrounding our hospital occupants. Our heroes appear to be a sheriff, his deputy, and a nurse.  The monster remains mostly shrouded in cut aways, and jerky shots. From what I can tell, it’ll be a tentacle beast burrowing out of our patient. Of course, there could also be more than one monster.  Beyond that, I think I’ll let the movie speak for itself.

So what do you think? Are you guys going to check out The Void when it comes out? Sound off below.

The Void hits theaters in the UK March 31, 2017, with a US date TBA.

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