Alien: Covenant Trailer 2

Ridley Scott reintroduces us to the world of space horror, in the new Alien: Covenant trailer.

The first mass colonizing ship,  the Covenant, carries a group of couples to a new world. At first the planet seems like a new paradise, but that quickly changes. The settlers are soon set upon by monsters that incubate inside their bodies, and a mysterious figure hell bent on keeping them on the planet. Abandoned in the depths of space, the survivors must now band together if they hope to escape their new found paradise.

First off, wow! What a great creepy trailer. It feels visceral and gloomy, not to mention terrifying. Looks like Ridley is going back to his roots from the original Alien, which I’m all for.  But let’s crack into the new tidbits of the story.

With our new trailer, we now know that the ship is for colonizing, and its occupants are all couples,( plus David 2.0). The ship of course runs aground on distant world and all hell breaks lose. I think the biggest thing I noticed from the trailer is the second alien. It happens pretty quick, around the 1:46 mark. One of the colonists is attacked by an albino xenopmorph. Rumor has it this is the ‘neomorph’. Could this be the new alien that bursts out of the colonist’s spine?

The rest of the trailer shows off more action bits, including, and what I’m assuming, is the finale. And might I say, that last shot with the xenomorph looked spectacular. Some have criticized the CGI xenomorph, but I think I’ll reserve judgement until I see the full film.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for Alien: Covenant?  Sound off below. Alien: Covenant hits theaters May 19, 2017


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