Rating System

  • 5. That’s ULT – Top tier, Grade A, Must Own, Must Play, Must See.
  • 4. TOO GUD –  A Quality Production. Make an effort to see this. Netflix or Gamefly if you must.
  • 3. Meh – Average. Hit or miss, didn’t make a strong impression either way. You can likely live without it.
  • 2. Face Palm – Very large chance you will dislike it, very small chance you will have lulz. Something bad enough for you to reach your hand up over your face and shake your head. But life goes on, count your blessings.
  • 1. Feed the Homeless – Avoid this product at all costs. Do something productive with your life. Thousands of years from now, when our civilization is in ruin, if some alien race is searching the debris and finds this product it will make humanity look bad.